Paperwork management and organization, bookkeeping, bill paying, medical insurance filing and claims processing for seniors and elderly in Palm Beach and Broward County, Florida.

 Our Services

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Financial Paperwork Services

  • Bill Paying

    • Pay monthly bills on a timely basis, avoiding late payments fees and finance charges

    • Prepare checks for signature

    • Review bills for discrepancies, unusual activities, or red flags

  • Banking Services

    • Make deposits

    • Reconcile bank statements with checkbook

    • Review bank statements for discrepancies

    • Organize bank statements

    • Balance checkbooks on computer software

  • Mail Sorting & Organization

    • Assure that important mail and bills won't be mistaken for junk mail

  • Organize files

  • Keep track of important occasions and events that will require monetary gifts

  • Create budgets and expense reports

  • Organize your tax documents


Medical Paperwork Services

  • Insurance Claims and Processing

    • Review medical bills and insurance explanations of benefits

    • Follow up with insurance companies, Medicare to ensure correct papers have been filed.

    • Track reimbursements and payments

  • Medication List Management

    • Create and maintain a comprehensive list of current medications, providing an overview for healthcare providers.

  • Medical Record Organization

    • Create a filing system for health records, including test results, insurance documents, medication lists, doctor visits, explanations of benefits, family history, living will or health directives, list of doctors, etc.


Additional Services

  • Objective third-party view of client on an ongoing basis

  • Appointment tracking and reminders

  • Source of referrals

    • Provide referrals for financial, investment, legal, and healthcare professionals

    • Research projects

  • Notary services


Paperwork Solutions' services are designed to complement the work of other professionals, not to replace them. Paperwork Solutions does not provide financial, investment, legal, or medical advice. Paperwork Solutions acts only as an intermediary between the client and other professionals such as attorneys, financial advisors, CPAs, or healthcare providers.