Paperwork management and organization, bookkeeping, bill paying, medical insurance filing and claims processing for seniors and elderly in Palm Beach and Broward County, Florida.

 Welcome to Paperwork Solutions!

 Paperwork Solutions, Inc. is dedicated to managing your daily financial and medical paperwork, performing many of the daily functions needed to keep your life running and organized. Some of our services include bill paying, reconciling bank statements, mail sorting, tax document organization, and tracking medical claims. 

Paperwork Solutions is for...

Seniors who want to remain independent but need assistance in handling their daily financial affairs due to illness, memory issues, or physical disabilities

Caretaker Spouses who are overwhelmed with the daily emotional and physical demands of an ailing spouse

Children of Seniors whose ability to assist their parents is limited by time or distance

Recently Widowed or Divorced

Busy Professionals

Frequent Travelers

Individuals going through a temporary medical crisis

Individuals experiencing psychological issues such as depression or anxiety, which makes it difficult to concentrate on financial matters


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